Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I was, for some reason, at Jollibee, ordering fries. The girl at the counter wouldn't give me any, and wouldn't budge from her counter no matter how many times i asked her. Then i told her i had the last stone of whatever charm it was for fairies. She then had a shocked, almost scared look in her eyes and ran away from me.

I had no idea how this transition came about. So there i was, with that charm from the previous dream, and some guy tells me that it was supposed to be a special stone, and everytime i go out of and into my house. i should stamp my foot twice. He said i should check the bottom of my door to see if there are "people" outside or inside waiting for me.That of course, scared me shitless and for the rest of the dream i was freaked out (kinda). My room mates wouldn't leave the house for fear of stranger creatures taking them away.

transition three: i was walking into the woods with the charm on my neck (now a necklace!) and all of a sudden i was surrounded by fairies demanding i give it back to them. Of course, i wouldn't it was so pretty. They slashed my wrist. Amazingly it didn't hurt, but the blood flowed like a river, dripping hideously unto the ground. I just watched in awe. It didn't hurt. My ex (WTF!!?!) came rushing out of the forest, as did my current and started wiping the blood, to no avail. It soaked the cloth and bandages they were trying to sop it with. All i could do was watch.

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